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Security & Protection

Security and Protective Services

What is SMOJS?

Action towards the prevention of Criminal Activity by using armed, highly trained & certified officers to provide specialized services to Private, Federal, State and City governments.   SMOJS trains its employees to handle a variety of situations involving security patrols, executive protection, K-9 and security guard services. Our staff additionally provides service to business including; Hotels, Resorts, Theaters, Amusement Parks, Apartment Complexes, Home Owner Associations, Golf Courses, Schools, Shopping Centers, Malls, Events and more.

The majority of our employees are currently certified Law Enforcement officers who have undergone specialized training and continuing education at our 14,000 ft training facility located at our headquarters in Springfield, Missouri.  Officers use the latest technology and equipment to stay ahead of criminal activity.  

SMOJS employees 8 highly trained K-9 Teams designed to locate Explosive Devices,  Narcotics, Weapons, Hidden Suspects, Accelerant and Bed Bugs.  The K-9 Teams work with both government and private business to protect against a variety of threats.   

SMOJS Specializes Security Officer Team  along with our Explosive / Gun Detection K-9 Units are highly trained in Active Shooter and provides protection to large crowds at a variety of events.

Crime Saturation Teams are Crime Prevention Specialist who are commonly assigned to detour and stop crime in problem areas by utilizing skills to stop criminals in the act and put them into custody.

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