court-officers-security-team-c-o-s-t, was developed by Director Tim Brenner after a rise in violent offenses against court officials not only in Missouri, but across the US.  Whenever a court official, such as a Judge, has received threats against their lives by an offender the COST team can activated.

The court-officers-security-team-c-o-s-t will do the following:

  • Secure the court official the threat was made againstcourt-officers-security-team-c-o-s-t missouri arkansas kansas
  • Secure the court officials family members, such as their children at school
  • Secure their residence and provide security at their home
  • Escort them to work and children to school
  • Provide 24 Hour Security until the Offender is arrested 
  • Team can be assembled in under an hour
  • Team Leaders are Commissioned Deputies in the state of Missouri

With Law Enforcement Manpower stretched tight, this team and its resources takes the strain off of law enforcement to provide 24 hour security when it is needed. 

In today’s world threats of any kind should not be taken lightly.  The COST team is made up of in-shape Male and Female agents that have been highly trained in executive protection, court procedures, and  is supported with a K-9 Unit Trained in the detection of explosives.

This team has been used over 20 times since 2012 in Missouri including the protection of Federal Officials that have worked in Missouri.  References will be provided.  court-officers-security-team-c-o-s-t missouri

When lives are in danger, secure them at all cost.