High Stress Tactical Simulator

High Stress Tactical Simulator is recommended to anyone that carries a gun.  In this training you will be forced to make split second decisions in the use of deadly force.  

You will be taken into a special room that houses the High Stress Tactical Simulator, once inside you will be armed with a simulation gun and put in real life situations where you have to make a decisions to shoot or not to shoot, if you make the wrong decision you will see the outcome.

You are being monitored, every shot you take, the placement on the suspects body will determine how the suspect reacts to you.  

If your communication skills are strong, you can talk some suspects down, others may not, there is 8 possible outcomes to each scenario and they all depend on you.

This training will test you to see if the way you are carrying your firearm is good in relation to your reaction times.  

Warning:  This class may cause elevated heart rate, elevated blood pressure, sweating, adrenaline rush / release, emotional release and anger.  

The highest students reviews comes from the High Stress Tactical Simulator, everyone leaves the class with a better grasp on deadly force and has a better grasp on violent encounters they will face on the streets.

The simulator test:

  • Reaction Time  
  • Verbal Commands  
  • Shot Placement
  • Practical the way you carry your firearm   High Stress Tactical Simulator
  • Accuracy  
  • How you do under stress
  • Your knowledge of the law
  • Your Judgement Skills 

Sign up today and try your skills   Cost: $150.00    

Simulator Training can be made by appointment or in a class group setting. 

Supreme Court Ruling on Stress Simulators