hg_mThe industry standard in RF monitoring

HomeGuard 200 is the gold standard for radio-frequency electronic monitoring. It has been selected over and over by correctional agencies nationwide due to its tamper-resistance features, durable receiver and transmitters, and reception reliability features.   Southern Missouri Judicial Services has a program to work with courts, Jails, and Sheriff’s Offices to help with the growing problem that effects their yearly budget.

Radio-frequency location monitoring

Studies show most crime is committed during certain times, such as the evening. With HomeGuard 200, supervising officers can know with certainty that a person is home – or not – when they should be. As a result, curfews are maintained or additional sanctions can be delivered swiftly.

Make updates directly via the Web

At any time, supervising officers can make updates to client schedules, profiles, and other data directly via a secure, Web-based application called TotalAccess®.

Officers need flexibility, HomeGuard 200 delivers

HomeGuard 200 offers tremendous flexibility, such as variable range or leave-window settings, unlimited schedules, and customized reporting. And, it can easily be combined with other technologies such as BI HomeCell®, Sobrietor® or BI Drive-®for additional supervision capabilities.