missouri basic explosives course

Missouri basic explosives course

Missouri Basic Explosives Course, is designed to aid in the recognition, Investigation, and Response Protocol for the Private Security/Investigations Professional”

Missouri basic explosives course is designed toward private security and investigators who are increasingly becoming exposed to the risks and security challenges posed by the criminal use of explosives.

Having a good base of knowledge in this area will provide the security professional with the tools to make better decisions when faced with this unique operational dynamic.

Topics will include basic recognition of commercial, military, and homemade explosives; basic search and investigation techniques; bomb threat management; response protocols and interfacing with law enforcement; and explosive canine utilization. 

Following the AM session of training will be a demonstration of live shots showing how powerful these explosives can be. (weather permitting)

Call Today to reserve attendance or to be placed on the waiting list for this exciting class, seating is limited.  Cost is $195.00 417-881-2626.

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missouri basic explosives course