This class is designed for you to be ready to hit the streets as a Private Investigator, in the class you will learn all of the basics to become a licensed PI.   Before enrolling for this class you will need to make sure you’re eligible to become a licensed private investigator.  

This isn’t just a class, its a career

Day 1

  • Introductions  
  • Missouri Law  
  • Ethics  
  • History of PI  
  • PI Industry Standards  
  • Types of Investigations  
  • Fingerprints 
  • Tire Tracks
  • DNA
  • Hair Fibers

Day 2

  • Case Assignment  
  • Interview techniques
  • Neighborhood Canvas  
  • Deception / Body Language  (hands on roll playing)
  • Recorded Interviews (hands on roll playing)
  • Report Writing  

Day 3  

  • Crime Scene
  • Evidence Collection  (hands on including DNA & Hair Fibers)  
  • Collecting Prints  (hands on)
  • Collecting Tire Tracks  (hands on)
  • Evidence Laboratory
  • Photography with SLR  (hands on)

Day 4    

  • Crime Scenes   (hands on, process real scene)  
  • Write a Report  (based on the crime scene)  

Day 5  

  • Art of Surveillance 
  • Following People  
  • What to do if you loose site of the person
  • What to do if you loose the vehicle
  • Multiple Vehicles  
  • Changing your look  
  • Using Props  
  • Keeping Video Equipment Steady  
  • Surveillance Vehicles  
  • What is Industry Standard
  • Getting Caught  

Day 6  

  • Surveillance Practical (hands on surveillance)  
  • Multiple Vehicle Surveillance  (hands on, we will provide radios)  
  • Report Writing  (write a report about both surveillance’s)  

Day 7  

  • Standard Video Equipment  
  • Covert Video Equipment  
  • Night Vision Equipment  
  • Remote Video  
  • How to hide a Cams  
  • GPS Tracking  
  • Cellular Devices  

Day 8  

  • Testifying in Court  
  • Dynamics of a Court Room
  • Courtroom Props
  • Giving a Deposition
  • Mock Trial  (from the case on day 6,hands on with real attorneys, witnesses, jury and Judge)

The majority of the class is hands on, you will be required to provide your own vehicle and equipment or the practical portion of the surveillance.  At the end of this 70 hour class you will have the knowledge needed to conduct a proper investigation. 

Course Cost $6000.00