If you use OC Spray, ASP Baton or Taser in a professional capacity you must be certified

This is a two day course designed to teach you and certify you in the use of Taser, Baton and OC Spray. 

Each of these less than lethal devices require proper training and only certified users should carry these tools while working in an official capacity.

The Class we be instructed as follows:bail bond bounty hunter

First Day

OC Spray

  • Use of OC Spray and legal issues
  • Dangers of OC Spray
  • Proper targeting on subject
  • Considerations
  • Exposure to the chemical
  • Decontamination


  • Use of a straight handle baton and legal issues
  • Striking areas for baton
  • Extraction techniques
  • Baton retention

Second Day


  • Introduction to Taser & Legal issues
  • Considerations when using Taser
  • Drills
  • Exposure

Practical exercises that involve the elevation of force

Stress Simulator

Force on Force Drills

Students will have the opportunity to be exposed to Taser and OC Spray, exposure is optional.


WARNING:  This Class is Physical and Hands On Training

Class Cost: $275.00  Must Register 4 days before training