A location monitoring system using voice verification technology  VoiceID

VoiceID, powered by AnyTraxTM, is an economical, equipment-free location monitoring system that allows officers to tailor supervision levels to match offender risk.

How VoiceID works

With VoiceID, clients call an automated system that verifies their identity through biometric "voice print" authentication. The system then verifies that the individual is where he or she is supposed to be throughout the day. This is accomplished through a series of outbound calls from VoiceID to the client, or inbound calls from the client to VoiceID from various locations-work, meetings, school or home. Calls must match pre-determined locations for each person. Calls are random or scheduled, but importantly, no equipment is required except a telephone.

Ideal for large caseloads

With officers overwhelmed with large caseloads, VoiceID offers relief by automating supervision. Supervision levels, based on number of calls each day, can be increased or decreased based on compliance or risk levels of each client. Easy to review summaries and caseload reports give officers confidence they can stay on top of their caseload in less time.

Enrolling is easy

To enroll on VoiceID, a client provides a voiceprint by responding to a series of prompts. This baseline voiceprint is then matched to the caller's voiceprint each time he or she calls into the system. A voiceprint is unique to each person, may be verified in seconds and is easy to obtain with a brief call from any telephone.

Customize violation alerts to match your work style

Violation alerts are forwarded to officers using the methods that are convenient and appropriate to work patterns and casesloads. Officers review and resolve client issues and make schedule updates via a password-protected Web site.